Fira de Barcelona

Global Showcase: Fira de Barcelona’s Significant Support in 2023

Since 2023, SYDRON has experienced an unprecedented level of support from the esteemed Fira de Barcelona trade fair institution. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in SYDRON’s global outreach strategy.

Fira de Barcelona’s Mission:

Fira de Barcelona is renowned for its commitment to cultivating new opportunities for international businesses, with a particular focus on Asia and Latin America. The institution aims to enhance the global presence of Fira exhibitors by facilitating their participation in overseas events. This includes the replication of successful shows hosted in Barcelona, along with the provision of services, technology, management, and advisory support to organizers and exhibition centers worldwide.

Collaboration Highlights (2023):

In 2023, the collaborative efforts reached new heights as Fira de Barcelona extended a special invitation to SYDRON. This invitation was coupled with comprehensive support for a physical product demonstration of SYDRON’s concept models—Model 2 and Model 1. The showcase takes place at the Innovation Area of the Smart City World Congress Expo 2023, which will be held from November 7th to 9th in Barcelona. This event stands as the world’s largest and most influential gathering on urban innovation.

Sydron was personally invited by Fira de Barcelona, underscoring the institution’s recognition of Sydron’s innovative contributions to the field. Fira de Barcelona plays a crucial role in supporting the physical product demonstration of Sydron’s progressive concept models. This takes place in the Innovation Area, a focal point of the Smart City World Congress Expo.

Smart City World Congress Expo 2023:

The Smart City World Congress Expo 2023 provides an ideal platform for Sydron to showcase its innovative solutions. With Fira de Barcelona’s backing, Sydron has the opportunity to present its concept models to a global audience at the forefront of urban innovation.

This collaboration not only reinforces Sydron’s position as a leader in the industry but also highlights the dedication of Fira de Barcelona to promoting innovation and facilitating global business opportunities. As Sydron continues to make strides on the international stage, the partnership with Fira de Barcelona serves as a testament to the synergies achieved when innovative technology meets strategic global support.