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We are the first to
offer hydrogen

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We are the first to offer hydrogen drones


Guided by cutting-edge technology, our mission is to create a world where travel is swift, convenient and superb—where every journey is an exquisite experience. We are unwavering in our commitment to making the world’s aviation transport usefully accessible, revolutionizing terrestrial travel with elegant solutions that also reduce environmental impact.


Sydron is driven by a vision to become a symbol of innovation, sustainability, setting new standards for travel experiences. Our commitment extends to not only revolutionizing personal aviation but also fundamentally transforming rapid response services such as ambulance, fire, and police, thereby enhancing their efficiency in critical missions. Through our endeavors, we are dedicated to reducing global aviation emissions, contributing significantly to a greener and safer planet.

We are committed to your experience


SYDRON cuts travel time from 60 min to 15 min


8 independente engines make flight safe


Afordable cost per passenger 3.30 USD/MI

Ecological transport

Zero emission

Low level of noise

Quieter than helicopter


Fully autonomous process for takeoff and landing