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when you
were born to

Worthy Air Mobility

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When you were born to fly

Worthy Air Mobility

a new century of

Change the way of transportation.
Be the first to catch a taxi in the sky.

the experience of a

Sydron’s inception is driven by a dedicated focus on leveraging fast and efficient VETOLs to improve various aspects of our lives.

For the world

Zero-emission aviation

For the city

Quick and convenient transportation through the city

For people

Freedom to explore and connect with ensured safety

What makes us

Expert Team

Our team is made of highly skilled professionals with backgrounds in science and military expertise.

IT solution

We’ve developed our autonomous flight software in-house, ensuring safe takeoff and landing.


Our electric-hydrogen VTOL technology maximizes flight capability.

Efficient flight

The compact size of SYDRON enables seamless door-to-door journeys.


SYDRON Model 1 requires no pilot licenses, making it easy for anyone to operate.


We offer VTOL models for one and two passengers, with an ongoing development project for firefighting and heavy cargo transportation drones.

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